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Top 5 ADU Veteran Testimonials of 2016

Throughout this past year, we at American Dream U have been honored and elated to meet, work, and bond with countless remarkable veterans. As our mission is to give back and empower those who have served, the positive impact we have upon the lives of veterans is the driving force and core focus of our efforts.

In wrapping up 2016, we at team ADU have picked our top 5 veteran testimonials from the past year – they are found below. Through these kind words of support and gratitude, these former service members demonstrate that our work is empowering veterans in their transition to civilian success. Through these words, we are inspired to further our efforts in the new year.

  • “American Dream U was a phenomenal personal and professional development experience! The line-up of speakers provided exceptional information on how to excel in your profession or in staring a business that was immediately applicable wisdom from years of experience. Whether you’re staying in the army for many years to come or transitioning within the next 24-months, the knowledge and connections you’ll gain at American Dream U and a will to act will ensure your absolute success!”
    – Michael Wolk, Army Veteran
  • “American Dream U is truly a wonderful organization that helps Veterans prepare for success outside of the military! My only wish in regards to this fine group is that this organization existed when I transitioned out of the service. Still, it’s not too late to fill my pack with the many tools, engagements, and talks that this ‘U’ provides. A must for any Veteran!”
    – Ron Suzuki, Navy Veteran
  • “I was blown away by their VETRACON event at Fort Bragg, NC. I left feeling so inspired and grateful and excited for the next one. They are really appreciated! I urge all military and veterans to take advantage of the opportunity! well done and thank you!”
    – Joshua Rhodes, Army Veteran
  • “I have received excellent mentorship and learning from American Dream U. They have come to Ft. Bragg, NC twice in the last year and always bring an amazing group of entrepreneurs who are there to give free advice and guidance to Soldiers preparing to leave the military. An event of this quality could easily cost $3,000 but they do it on their own dime. Thanks again for all the support!”
    – John Zornick, Army Veteran
  • “American Dream U is an OUTSTANDING resource for Veterans! The tools and information they provide are so valuable to Veterans at all stages of transition.
    The American Dream U VETRACON Events are really inspiring and I wholeheartedly recommend these events to any/all Veterans transitioning from active duty.
    Much respect and sincere gratitude to American Dream U for supporting United States Military Veterans!”
    – Bryan Burton, Air Force Veteran

Thank you to all who shared their testimonials! From all of us at ADU, thank you for your support throughout the past year. Best wishes for a tremendous 2017 and happy New Year!

– Team ADU

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