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American Dream U provides you and your family the best items we can find. Our free resources page is comprised of generous speakers and mentors that want to help you during this pivotal moment. From free online courses and e-books, to recommended readings and offerings from our partners and sponsors. Please check back often as we find more resources all the time.

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MISSION: NEXT book has inspiring stories from successful veterans. If you are a successful veteran who has made the transition and would like to be interviewed for upcoming podcasts, please visit the site and fill out the request form.

Enriching the lives of veterans, soldiers and communities through an inspiration of a lifetime pursuit of learning. Things We Read’s mission is to promote reading and education by giving you access to books that matter, recommended by people that matter to you. Through donations, we provide these books to America’s sons and daughters, both overseas and in our communities in need.

Veterans Helping Veterans: Transition Survey



This survey is being conducted to help those currently serving in the military and future generations of veterans. Everyone that serves must take off the uniform at some point. Over the years, we’ve found that many individuals experience challenges during their transition. Our goal is to understand the positive aspects and challenges veterans face so that we can help better prepare them for a successful transition into the civilian workforce.


You can view the results by clicking here.


All US military veterans are encouraged to participate in this research study. Participation takes about 10-15 minutes, is voluntary, and 100% anonymous.

Play It Away - Free Resources - BookFREE VETERANS EDITION E-BOOK
Learn to manage  your stress

Charlie Hoehn wrote this book because he knows how frustrating it is to be crippled with anxiety – to feel like you’re in a state of living death, where you’re constantly stressed and ashamed of how you feel, and don’t have a clue how to get yourself out of it.

This special edition is free for veterans and active duty military members.


Free Resource Kit: How to transition from the military to your Dream Job

Are you experiencing the anxiety and uncertainty of finding a job?  Worried about finding a job that will underutilize your talents and abilities? Or not finding a job at all?

Book Recommendations

We have assembled the top entrepreneurs choices for reading.

Browse through the categories of each speaker and see what they have written or recommended.

NOTE: Please find your nearest Barnes and Nobles or Library to read for free.