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Mission Next: An Inspirational Story

Discover a New Mission

Monica, an army vet who used to rescue fallen soldiers, now struggles to save herself. Noah, a former marine battling demons and the bottle, can’t hold down a job or a relationship. But with guidance from real-life vets turned successful business leaders and entrepreneurs, they’re about to take their skills from the battlefront to the home front. Mission Next will inspire all members of the military looking to achieve civilian success.

Mission NEXT Mission America

Mission Next & Mission America

There’s no doubt about it. The transition from the military back to civilian life is tough. There may be over 40,000 veteran advocacy organizations, corporate hiring programs for veterans, and increased efforts by the Department of Defense, but the transition is still difficult. Over half of those who transition say their readjustment to civilian life was difficult. But it doesn’t have to be that way. These two combined books, Mission Next and Mission America, are designed to give you the tools you already have to create a successful transition, which will ultimately lead to a successful life. Mission Next, created after Phil Randazzo interviewed over 70 successful vets turned business leaders and entrepreneurs, will guide you to take your skills from the battlefront to the homefront. Mission America combines a no b.s look through the eyes of career Green Beret, Scott Mann, who experienced, first-hand, the realities of military transition, and an eye-opening perspective on how to leverage the highly relevant warrior attributes you already have. Get ready to turn the obstacle of your transition into an opportunity.

Learn to manage  your stress

Charlie Hoehn wrote this book because he knows how frustrating it is to be crippled with anxiety – to feel like you’re in a state of living death, where you’re constantly stressed and ashamed of how you feel, and don’t have a clue how to get yourself out of it.

This special edition is free for veterans and active duty military members.


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