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The Mission at American Dream U

American Dream U

How Are We Making an Impact?

10,000+ Members

Over 10,000+ Members for our ADU community and growing strong

Over 17,000+ Event Attendees

1000s of military families lives changed

90 Events

More events coming to more bases

20 Bases

Including the pentagon

Who We Are

We are dedicated to helping our military members and their spouses in the transition so they can find a successful landing after their service; whether that is higher education, a dream job, or the ability to start their own business.

How We Help

American Dream U offers two main services for transitioning veterans: Online programs and educational workshop events.
American Dream U’s online programs are catered to helping veterans become successful professionals in the world of business, with breadth in courses; everything from entrepreneurship to the intricacies of setting up a LinkedIn profile.
American Dream U’s workshop events are fueled by the same purpose; offering unique, differentiating benefits when paired with the online courses such as networking and connecting with other veterans, as well as hearing personal success stories of post-service careers.

Who We Help

Military, Veteran and spouses are our mission and the stats below reflect the need. Here at American Dream U, we believe that a smoother transition will go a long way in improving these stats in the future.
  • The unemployment rate for all veterans in February 2021 was 5.5 percent, currently it is at its high at 7.6%
  • About 500,000 veterans across the country actively looking for jobs
  • Approximately 264,000 servicemembers transition from military service to civilian life each year, according to DOD
  • 2 out of 3 new veterans will find it difficult to transition
  • 22 – 28 veterans will commit suicide each day



Contact Details

Please answer these quick questions for us. We rely on good data for funding and this helps us a lot.
Please answer these quick questions for us. We rely on good data for funding and this helps us a lot.
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