American Dream University is a phenomenal organization dedicated to the successful transition of our Soldiers from military life to a civilian career. They arranged a series of incredible speakers that conducted an outstanding day of training aimed at helping increase our self-awareness, understand the civilian job market / hiring practices and provided a lot of excellent advice to help us prepare for the transition to civilian life. I highly recommend you reach out to Phil and his Team to arrange a session for your organization - you won’t be disappointed!

"Best course of its kind that I have been to. Over the last 30 or so years I've been forced to attend countless leadership, marketing, and self-development seminars, either because of a college scholarship I had, jobs I have held, or because of being in the military. In all honesty, prior to walking into the building for this one I thought it was going to be more of the same and even said as much to a co-worker. It wasn't the same old recycled trust falls, common sense leadership techniques, or how to inspire others routine I've heard a hundred times before though. This program was altogether different from anything I can remember in a very good way. This is the best event like it that I've been to and the only one I would willingly go back to again. They provide you with tools, get you to start thinking on your own, and are so accessible to answering questions it is amazing. Keep up the great work folks!"

“Phil and American Dream U actively seek ways to help veterans make the transition into a meaningful career. They provide great resources and have programs in place that make a huge impact. I encourage all veterans, active duty and their families to explore what ADU has to offer. Phil also pointed me in the direction of Udacity where I signed up for their 9 month Android Developer Nano-degree program. The program was both excellent and tough, but worth the effort. Completing the course content put me in front of potential employers and opened up a lot of doors!”

“Today's military transition program is modeled after McDonald's, same thing, down an assembly line without care for the service member. American Dream U gave me the truth about today's world, candidly. They equipped me with tools for today's economy. The network of true professionals that have ate, lived, and breathed today's job market and business world. I'm so thankful for what they are doing and glad to be apart of it. Thanks Phil and the WHOLE ADU TEAM!!”

“I was fortunate enough to see a portion of the presentation at Ft Hood recently. What I heard has inspired me to push forward in starting my own business. I have faith that I will have this support through the difficult process of start up.”

“I kind of stumbled into hearing about Phil and American Dream U and I'm awfully happy I did. I was able to hear Larry Broughton share his incredibly powerful message -- for free! -- and got to meet like-minded, ambitious people. I'm 27 and just starting my entrepreneurial journey, and found tremendous value in attending. I will be back and encourage anyone else considering it to do so as well!”

“Thank you for bringing in empowering speakers who we generously sharing their experiences in business to our Veteran community.”

“This is a stellar case of an unselfish, giving, thoughtful organization giving back to the soldiers of the United States that have sacrificed so much for the liberties we enjoy in the U.S.”

“Best resource for supporting our military men and women transitioning to successful civilian careers and entrepreneurship. They are some of America's most well trained, team-oriented talent pool and leaders.”

“I am pleased to have joined this event at Fort Bragg and know that my network has grown as a result.”

“It was a great way to hear about how other's got where they are today and bringing their experience to active soldiers, veterans and their spouse's.”

“I am still in disbelief that something this AWESOME exists for military members. Friday and Saturday at Joint Base Lewis Mcchord, WA was truly inspirational.”

“World class events and training (free!) for veterans and their families, run by an amazing team.”

“Helped me get the focus I needed to make a difference in my life ! Thank you”

“I have received excellent mentorship and learning from American Dream U. They have come to Ft. Bragg, NC twice in the last year and always bring an amazing group of entrepreneurs who are there to give free advice and guidance to Soldiers preparing to leave the military. An event of this quality could easily cost $3,000 but they do it on their own dime. Thanks again for all the support!”

“Great nonprofit that helps veterans start their own company and find their dream job”

“American Dream U helped me create a business plan, provided mentors, answered my questions, and gave me free online training. The business became wildly successful, which allowed me to work from home and take care of my husband after he was injured in Iraq and retired from the Army. The ADU team changed our lives!”

"Phenomenon experience! So thankful for the outstanding insights from the highly successful mentors and entrepreneurs that spoke. You can tell this team actually cared about the future success of the service members in the audience." Thank you!

“I kind of stumbled into hearing about Phil and American Dream U and I'm awfully happy I did. I was able to hear Larry Broughton share his incredibly powerful message -- for free! -- and got to meet like-minded, ambitious people. I'm 27 and just starting my entrepreneurial journey, and found tremendous value in attending. I will be back and encourage anyone else considering it to do so as well!”

“This organization is a fantastic resource for active duty, veterans and spouses alike! Melissa Watson Swire is a wonderful person. I am honored to call her my friend and I am honored to be part of the American Dream U Military Spouse Tribe!”

“Great convenient training full of value and provided free. Thanks for what you do!”

“American Dream U is truly a wonderful organization that helps Veterans prepare for success outside of the military! My only wish in regards to this fine group is that this organization existed when I transitioned out of the service. Still, it's not too late to fill my pack with the many tools, engagements, and talks that this "U" provides. A must for any Veteran!”

“American Dream U is an OUTSTANDING resource for Veterans! The tools and information they provide are so valuable to Veterans at all stages of transition.
The American Dream U VETRACON Events are really inspiring and I wholeheartedly recommend these events to any/all Veterans transitioning from active duty.
Much respect and sincere gratitude to American Dream U for supporting United States Military Veterans!!!”

“American Dream U is one of the most innovative Veteran transition programs I have experienced. Phil Randazzo has truly created a wonderful program with world-class coaches/presenters that approaches the Veteran transition process like no other! They came to Fort Hood, where 21 Soldiers had registered, but only 4 of us showed. The presenters were PHENOMENAL! The second day, they threw out the prescribed agenda and focused on each one of us individually! We each had particular weaknesses and they organized the 8 coaches/presenters to provide us 2:1 support!! If you have the chance to go to an American Dream U event, GO!! You will be glad you did!”

“What an amazing organization! I can't thank them enough for what they do to help veterans transition to civilian life. The owner is fantastic and has a heart of gold!”

“I've worked with American Dream University and have seen the difference their work makes. It's an honor to be a part of it. Integrity, caring, great information and inspiration.”

“An amazing experience, and wonderful opportunity to meet and learn from successful entrepreneurs that are willing to help you succeed. I will be going back.”

“The entire team is changing the way we can serve those who serve us.”

“Love this. Very inspirational! This has jumpstarted my day and confirmed my commitment to finish my book "From Death To Death Defying" by August 11 2015.”

“Ron Klein (THE GRANDFATHER OF POSSIBILITIES) was a recent speaker and I attended, too. Americana Dream U is true dedication to serve those who serve our country. It was a memorable day, filled with warmth, love and commitment!! AWESOME”

“Nothing like ADU! Phenomenal speakers! The real transitional magic for Soldiers!”

“Motivational speakers that stirs and unlocks the greatness within us.”

“I am currently transitioning from the US Army, and the American Dream U... awesome!! These experts and professionals provide to all transitioning service members and their families, a genuine advise based on their own experiences; But the best part of all these is, they’re veterans just like me. Their personal stories, and guidance on how to become a successful entrepreneur, will keep your eyes wide awaken. Give it a try and attend to their seminars. By the way, did I mentioned it was free? Oh yeah it is free. Keep supporting our veterans American Dream U team, and many thanks for all you do.”

“I recently had an opportunity to attend an American Dream U Entrepreneur Class for veterans. Absolutely Fantastic!!! The tools they provided and the outstanding guest speakers they brought allowed me to focus in a business idea that I've been toying around with. Now I'm getting ready to retire after 27 years in the military and thanks to ADU I'm well on my way to starting my first LLC. Thanks guys”