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Top 5 Hiring Tactics of 2016

Throughout the year, we’ve brought you numerous tools, tricks, and tactics to sharpen your skills in the hunt for your dream job; from interviews and networking to cover letters and resumes, there’s been quite a lot of information.

In wrapping up 2016, we at Team ADU have picked our top 5 hiring tactics from the past year and discuss them below. From all of us at ADU, happy New Year and enjoy – we hope you find these useful!

  • To ace one of the most challenging and daunting aspects of the hiring process, check out this terrific article which compiles 5 TED Talks to Watch Before Your Next Interview. From speaking styles to body language and an optimistic outlook, these phenomenal videos cover the key concepts necessary to nailing your interview and landing your dream job. For more outstanding guidance on job interviews, be sure to check out the free ADU MVP course: Becoming an Interview Master!
  • When it comes to the job application process, perhaps nothing is more fundamental than your personal brand – the entirety of your abilities, experiences, values, vision, and more which form your identity. To effectively grasp employers and convey your personal brand in the digital age, check out this phenomenal infographic with 11 Tips to Create a Powerful Personal Brand Online. For more guidance on personal branding, watch this ADU Vetracon talk from Joey Coleman: Your Name Is Part of Your Brand!
  • Check out this fascinating infographic from LinkedIn which teaches you the 7 Smart Habits of Successful Job Seekers, providing you with tried and true networking approaches you can utilize to land your dream job! To further master LinkedIn as a tool for success in your civilian career, check out the new ADU MVP Course: Professional Social Media Networking with Linkedin!
  • Watch this video in which bestselling author, business expert, and ADU VETRACON speaker Grant Cardone shares his 12 fundamental tips on How to Get Your Dream Job! With these proven tactics, Grant guarantees that you will land your ideal career!

and last but not least…

  • Military acronyms inevitably meet confusion from civilians. Though unsurprising and an understood fact of military life, this simple truth can cause a resume to perplex employers. Many veteran resumes could use some civilian translation, and the Career Department at the University of Tennessee is here to help! The UT Career Team has created a quick, simple guide to helping you craft resumes that are both effective; highlighting qualifications, responsibilities, and soft skills; as well as understandable to civilians. Click here to check out the guide and give your resume a boost! Additionally, for further guidance on crafting the perfect resume with which to land your dream job, check out the ADU MVP course: Creating an Outstanding Resume!

Thank you for your support and for a phenomenal 2016. Best wishes in the new year!

– Team ADU

Phil Randazzo


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