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Every Company is ALWAYS Hiring

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Every company is always hiring. Yes, this is a true statement.


A small business feels like it has everything under control, so they have no available positions. But this is your dream company. They’re a small business that has the same mission as you, and you’ve thought about working there for a while. But again, they aren’t hiring…


You are a pro at social media marketing and notice that this company doesn’t do any social media marketing… Nothing on Facebook, or Instagram… or anything. You understand that with their market being primarily younger folks that spend hours and hours a day on social media, they are missing a huge market!


But they aren’t hiring. Darn.


No. No. No. That’s not what you say.


They aren’t hiring – true. But so what!? You can add value to their organization. You know that with your skills you can spread their impact, improve brand awareness, and ultimately increase revenue and profit for the organization. So even though they aren’t hiring, this is what you do:


You edit your resume to reflect exactly the position you want to create within the organization using the skills and qualifications that the position would require. You create a short 90 second video of yourself on your cell phone’s video camera sharing who you are, your story, why you want to work for them (because your personal mission aligns with their organizational mission), and the most important part – how you can add value to them with your skills, experience, and training through the military. You send this video via email to the hiring manager and anyone else’s email you can find within the company. After you send that email, you follow up by going into their actual office with a copy of your resume and ask to speak to whoever is in charge of hiring. You are relentless. You continue to specifically show how you can add value.


Now, if this small business has any common sense, they will see how hard-working you are, your grit, your passion for their organization, and the most important part again – how you can add value to them. They realize their cost to hire you is way less than the benefit they will receive. And, as a result, they will hire you.


So as you can see, every company is always hiring if it’s the right person who can help their organization grow and get better.


You can be that “right person”. You just have to go make it happen.


Phil Randazzo

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Please answer these quick questions for us. We rely on good data for funding and this helps us a lot.
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