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How to Use Job Boards to Their Highest Potential

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The founder of American Dream U is hiring for a position in his for-profit company. He posted on Indeed and other sites. At the beginning of the job posting he asked the applicant to “please take 5 minutes and write one paragraph as to why you want to work for our company and how you’d add value.” Out of 300+ applications, maybe 25 did what was asked…




Here’s a couple of things you need to do when using job boards, and you’ll be WAY above the rest of the competition:

  • Don’t just hit the “Apply Now” button and hope for the best:
    • You have to do more. Look at that company that’s hiring. Cater your resume to what they need (all it takes is changing just a couple of key words. If they want someone really good at Microsoft Excel, then your resume better say “Microsoft Excel” somewhere in it…)


  • Actually reach out to the company:
    • Pick up the phone and call. Show them you’re willing to go above and beyond. Find email addresses on their website and email them.


  • Always follow up:
    • If you don’t hear back after 4-5 days, reach out and follow up. Say something like “Hi, my name is _________ . I applied for the _________ position a couple of days ago. I’d absolutely love to work for ______ because I know I can add value and benefit the organization. Here’s specifically why I want to work for you:
      • I’m aware of your high-profile clients like _______. Not only am I a really strong accountant, but in the military I privately escorted many high-profile representatives from countries all over the world. I know how to treat them right.
    • It may take time, but it’s worth it.


  • If they email you asking for anything (an interview, more information, etc), then you MUST be professional and prompt:
    • Always spell everything correctly.
    • Always confirm! If they say “let’s do a phone interview this Tuesday at 2pm” then you BETTER respond saying “Great – looking forward to our phone interview at 2pm this Tuesday. My phone number is ________ – If you’d like me to call you, please let me know the phone number I should call and who I should ask for. Thanks so much.” You have to be on the ball.


A lot of this is common sense. Just realize that employer’s are  you act during the hiring process

Phil Randazzo

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Please answer these quick questions for us. We rely on good data for funding and this helps us a lot.
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