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Business and Life Lessons from Roadkill

Authored by Joshua Rhodes


I find it fascinating watching nature and animals. We can learn a lot about ourselves from doing so. Take for instance…squirrels, chipmunks and white tail deer. These critters always seem to hang out by the road, maybe they are trying to cross or searching for a free meal…who knows…regardless of the reason…


…some of them end up as a meat pancake unfortunately.


It would seem they simply can’t hear or see the danger coming. Not true! In fact, they know damn well that their lives are in mortal danger. You can see it in their eyes.


So…why don’t they just go to safety? Are they not fast enough? Nope…quite the opposite. They aren’t blind or stupid either. If all this is true…why do they not run for cover?


I’ll get right to the answer, but first I want to share this quote with you…



“The road of life is paved

with many squirrels who

couldn’t make a decision


Alright, getting back to the answer of why some of them don’t make it. This isn’t logical one bit. I know, it doesn’t make sense either, but…


They die from FEAR!


Nothing more. Nothing less.


They panic…frozen with indecision, looking for the best possible escape route. Just like us, they analyze every single possible outcome. Repeatedly. Requiring all the facts before acting. How does that work out for them?


Do you ever find yourself in a similar situation? Despite logic you become paralyzed with fear and doubt? I know I do. Sure, you may have high ambitions for the future, but it feels like you are missing a piece of the puzzle. Doesn’t it? If only you had the missing key or secret…


Or, maybe one final book…or asking the same questions repeatedly because you “just don’t know” …


For some, this cycle continues forever unfortunately.


It’s difficult being in a new situation, whether it’s starting a new business, finding the “perfect” career or maybe even designing the “dream” life…it’s uncharted territory. Of course, proper previous research and planning is vital, however…you must move past the planning stage at some point. The sooner the better.


See, without action and movement…a nasty little killer creeps in…becoming comfortable in your mind. Yes, we’re still talking about fear and doubt. When you sit around contemplating each possibility, you begin to create all sorts of scenarios in your mind. Of which, the majority have no chance in hell of coming true.


Your imagination plays tricks on you. Evil tricks.


You must understand, this is simply how our minds work. Our minds evolved to keep us safe, not to have an awesome life. However, once you know how it is, you have everything you require to override the paralyzing fear.


If you’re more of an entrepreneurial type…choosing to blaze your own trail, you know the mass majority of people cannot relate to your ambitions. This negative reaction from those we look to for support may make you fear and doubt even worse.


At this point, you begin to do even more research, more questioning…more doubt. It soon becomes unbearable. The frustration of fear is constant. So many options and opinions…


Which opinions do you choose?

What should you do?

Who has the right answer?

What happens if you go wrong way?

What’s the best technique?

At this point you are now suffering from a condition known as…Analysis Paralysis. The answer for the above questions is…it doesn’t matter until you get moving.


This is not a good place to be in, it is dangerous to your hopes and dreams…ensuring you never achieve them. Analysis paralysis is what caused our furry friends to end up under tires. They were petrified of making the wrong decision, thinking that the wrong move would spell their demise. They sweated the small insignificant details instead of the immediate threat. Big Mistake.


That’s one of the biggest lies we have been told…that there is a magic formula or technique to make all our dreams come true. We’re told all you must do is read a book, take a course or listen to the advice of some expert. Not true!


While the above are extremely helpful…they are useless if not combined with action and hard work. Honestly, lessons have the greatest meaning after the fact. See, that’s the value of making mistakes…we learn from them, we get the experience of getting down and dirty. Not just by studying and thinking. Don’t underestimate how powerful the first step is.


Whatever you want to accomplish…you must get started! Don’t worry about getting it right on the first shot. That’s over-rated anyways. Besides, in business, that’s impossible…the failures are what lead to the success. Fail your way forward. Make the mistakes, fall down…but get right back up and brush the dirt off. With American Dream U, you have access to many successful entrepreneurs who have been in similar situations…and, overcame them. Rest assured you have others who are watching your six. Go out there, get a little bruised and knocked down a few times…just be sure to come back for more. It will be worth it…as success rewards those who refuse to be kept down.


Be So Busy You

Don’t Have Time For

Fear And Self-Doubt


You don’t have to do this alone! As scary as it was at first, the world of entrepreneurship is awesome and full of adventure …I wouldn’t change it for anything. Sure, it may not be as easy (or secure) as punching a clock for 8 hours a day…but it sure is more satisfying. Go out there and set some things in motion, no matter how small it may seem. You’ll run into some issues but worry about that when they occur. Having a perfect plan is great and all…but as Mike Tyson said…


“Everyone has a plan until

they get punched in the face”


       Now, go out and start building that new life of yours. American Dream U is always here when you need us. Take advantage of our huge network of like-minded individuals and begin the process of bringing your dreams to reality.


Don’t Wait…time flies and life is short. Do one thing today your future self will thank you for.



Authored by Joshua Rhodes

Phil Randazzo


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