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Top 5 VETRACON Talk Highlights of 2016

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We at ADU are proud and privileged to have held numerous live VETRACON (Veteran Transition Conference) events this past year. The dynamic, trailblazing, engaging, and inspiring speakers with whom we are honored to partner for these events have provided transitioning service members and veterans with truly invaluable guidance in the pursuit of civilian success; they have changed the lives of those to whom they speak. As part of our ADU 2016 wrap-up, here below are the Team ADU-picked top 5 VETRACON talk highlights of 2016. We hope you gain as much from these speakers as we have!

  • Watch Tim Ferriss, entrepreneur and bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, speaking at an ADU VETRACON event. In his talk, Tim encourages you to become a Scientist in Your Own Career – to view your life in terms of experiments and tests which offer feedback, not failure, and help you identify where to devote your time, energy, and passions.
  • Watch Aubrey Marcus, founder and CEO of Onnit, speaking at an ADU VETRACON event about the essential factor he looks for in potential employees: their Pursuit of Being Great. Aubrey explains not only the fundamental role that this pursuit plays in the success of all businesses, but also explains how veterans have demonstrated this skill throughout their service.
  • Watch bestselling author and entrepreneur Grant Cardone speaking at an ADU VETRACON event about the ultimate quality he (and all business leaders) look for in potential employees: are they willing to do whatever it takes?
  • Watch Greg McKeown, the best-selling author of Essentialism, speaking at an ADU VETRACON event about his fundamental advice for success: Become an Essentialist. In becoming an essentialist, Greg demonstrates that success is found more effectively through the disciplined, selective pursuit of better rather than the simple pursuit of more.
  • Watch a bestselling author and personal finance expert Ramit Sethi espousing a paramount rule for success: Don’t Wait. In this ADU VETRACON talk, he stresses the importance of building your future now, not some time down the line when you have more time or your ducks in a row.

Again, we hope you found these videos useful! Be sure to additionally check out our VETRACON Year in Review, compiling even more of the best moments from our extraordinary live speakers in 2016. Thank you to all our speakers and the entire ADU community for making 2016 an incredible year. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful 2017!

– Team ADU


Phil Randazzo

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