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Presenting ADU LIVE

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Over the last seventeen years, our team at American Dream U has conducted over 170 workshops with 16,000+ live attendees. We have learned a lot about what a successful transition looks like. Using our expertise we’ve narrowed our content down to a 21-day Sprint Course on the essentials: managing money, building relationships effectively though LinkedIn, and wellness.

ADU LIVE is totally free for all past and present service members and their families. New courses start the first Tuesday of every month and consist of weekly live video calls with experts in each focus area. Between these weekly calls, participants have access to short videos and practical assignments. For example, we’ll walk you through how to make a stellar resumé and then you’ll have an assignment to send your resumé to one of our expert reviewers.

Battle Buddy

Every aspect of the course has been intentionally crafted to make your transition smoother.

While you’re in the military, you’re built into a tight-knit family. In many cases, your very lives are in one another’s hands. One particularly challenging aspect for many transitioning service members is the sudden lack of a community that really “gets it.”

Many civilians have no frame of reference for your experiences when you transition out of military service. They don’t understand how and why it’s challenging to transition out. Your prior experience may not make any sense to them. Most civilians probably don’t even know the acronyms you use.

It can be jarring to go through an experience and feel much more alone than you’re used to. To that end, every participant in ADU LIVE learns alongside a small team of 6-8 fellow transitioning individuals and receives support from a Coach who is a veteran. Not only does this create a sense of comradery and community as you prepare for and walk through transition but it also gives you a powerful network of connections for advice and job opportunities.

What you’ll gain

By the end of this three week course you’ll have built a great LinkedIn platform with guidance and feedback along the way. You’ll have updated your resumé to capture a hiring manager’s attention in the few moments they first glace at it. You’ll have gotten your finances organized and created a plan of how to prepare for your future financially. You’ll have a greater understanding of how and when to make investments. You’ll be an expert on your personal brand and how to share that brand with others.

Ultimately, all of these will be little steps to help you move the needle on happiness. We’ll assist you in both building and successfully executing your post-military personal mission statement. Through our live discussions, content, and relationships prior participants have seen great improvements in their quality of life post service.

You can read the feedback of some of our recent graduates below:

“Great experience going through American Dream U to help active-duty military transition holistically to the civilian environment. Many thanks to Phil Randazzo for inviting me to this awesome learning forum.” – Ryan C., US Navy Retired

“This program has given me the confidence and desire to start a new amazing chapter in my life. My future will be so much greater than my past. I now have the skills required to chase both my purpose and passion, I will not have to settle for a position, instead I will pursue the job that is the right fit for me. They assisted me in creating a robust network, finding a mentor, and provided me the tools to reach my desired end state.” -Jesse Y., US Army Retired

“I can’t say enough about American Dream U’s 21-Day Sprint Course! Phil Randazzo and the Team at American Dream U are rock stars! Every month they bring together transitioning veterans and top performers from various professional fields to facilitate discussion on topics such as wellness, relationships, finances, and career transition into the private sector. In addition, the American Dream U Team offers one-on-one coaching and assistance to help veterans and their families experience a smooth transition into the next phase of their journey.” –Nate G., US Army Ranger Retired

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Please answer these quick questions for us. We rely on good data for funding and this helps us a lot.
Please answer these quick questions for us. We rely on good data for funding and this helps us a lot.
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