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 Looking for someone to walk the road of transition with you? ADU empowers Veterans transition. This includes their families.  Create your next adventure: transition guidance, entrepreneurship, job preparation, wellness, community and genuine relationships. You’re in the right place if you want to simplify your transition today!

ADU specializes in the veterans transition process. 
Whether you are transitioning to civilian life or pursuing career advancements and/or entrepreneurship, regardless of your current status, let ADU help you find secure footing with the next steps in your transition journey.


Whether you're transitioning, advancing your career, or thinking about entrepreneurship we can help.


Explore & learn about the benefits available to military spouses, from financial savings to employment opportunities & more.


By donating to our nonprofit that aids the veterans transition process, you're directly contributing to rebuilding lives and honoring the sacrifices made in service to our country.

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We believe that every veteran deserves unwavering support

A nation’s gratitude should not end with a veteran’s military service but should be a lifelong commitment to their well-being. At American Dream U, we are deeply committed to making a profound emotional and financial impact in the lives of veterans and military personnel and their families because we understand that the sacrifices they’ve all made for our country deserve nothing less. We provide support with veterans transition and:

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American Dream U is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization

Our existence thrives on the generosity of others. Please consider supporting us in any capacity you can, or feel free to contact us directly.

We’d love to hear from you. 

Patriot Donation

Putting a service member through the full ADU course costs roughly $10,000 USD, before they can transition from military service with full confidence. Our objective is to secure adequate funding to place hundreds of service members through annually. As 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our committed to enhancing lives through training and community. This donation can be made in honor of a Service member (both Veterans or actively serving).


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American Dream U is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization

Making An Impact

You Have The Power Today To Change A Veteran's Tomorrow

Specializing in Veterans Transition. For over 10 years we have been working to help make an impact in the lives of our soldiers and their families. Learn more about us.

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We are dedicated to helping our military members and their spouses in the transition so they can find a successful landing after their service; whether that is higher education, a dream job, or the ability to start their own business.

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American Dream U is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization.

We rely on the support of our volunteers and sponsors. 


Veterans Transition Guides

For military personnel and spouses. 

Designed by Veterans
For Veterans

A comprehensive veterans transition guide for enlisted personnel who are transitioning to civilian life. Explore vital resources, expert advice, and actionable steps for a smooth transition and success in the civilian world. Access the ADU blog for additional information. 

Military Spouses Navigate

Tailored to the unique needs of military spouses designed by Military Spouses. A resource tailored to the unique needs of military spouses to help alleviate some of your challenges and enhance your overall well-being. Access our Milspouse ADU blog for more resources.

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We don’t just recognize, we know that providing purpose-driven support to empower both men and women, through the veterans transition process, beyond their uniforms not only aids in their transition but also has the potential to save lives!

I attended an American Dream U Entrepreneur Class for veterans. Absolutely Fantastic!!! The tools they provided and the outstanding guest speakers they brought allowed me to focus on a business idea that I've been toying around with. Now I'm getting ready to retire after 27 years in the military and thanks to ADU I'm well on my way to starting my first LLC. Thank You ADU!
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News & Articles

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VA Loans 101: Mastering Homefront Finance

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