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Creating A YouTube Content Strategy

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Youtube Content Strategy

Lessons Learned From Google BrandLab

This article is about creating and branding new YouTube content. Let’s talk about how this is very relevant for today’s society. Youtube is widely used, not only is it used for entertainment and marketing, but many people use it for education. Written by Kim Larson, Building a YouTube Content Strategy: Lessons From Google BrandLab discusses where the content development fits in the video creation process. Kim’s experience as the global director of BrandLab gives her an edge in discussing this topic because she has worked with brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Mountain Dew.

Kim begins by highlighting the concept that marketers should think “digital-first”. The data she generates and concepts she develops is from the fact that 74% of internet traffic is video, and it is coming from mobile platforms. This makes sense because about two-thirds of Americans own mobile devices with internet capabilities. Therefore a marketer should know where these people are going so the marketing campaigns can reach the ideal audience.

Youtube Content Strategy

Focus on three key words?

Kim teaches her marketers to focus on three key words: video, mobile and programmatic. This is the first step in creating a proper video content strategy. Her next steps are to focus two critical questions. These questions are simple in nature but they come with a complex system of steps in order to achieve maximum results. The goal of the questions is to help marketers meet the increasing demand for digital content.

What video content should I make?

The first question asks, “What video content should I make to best engage my audience while staying true to my brand?” Kim pointed out that the best way to answer this question is to create a Venn diagram. The first circle should be about what the audience wants and the second circle is about what the brand stands for. The part where the circles intersect is the most important area. This portion is supposed to be information that sets your brand apart from the competition. This middle area can be developed and changed to meet the goals of the brand and the audience therefore it must be adaptable. The focus should be on helping consumers discover their micro-moments. Which are moments designed to help them reach personal goals or obtain answers.

Content Strategy Venn

How should I create content at a scale?

The second question asks, “How can I create online video and other branded content at scale?” Kim reveals that there is no way to generate the amount of content consumers need. Instead a content creator must gradually build a library of content. Gradually building the library is no simple task. So Kim states that the content creator must focus on three things: create, collaborate, and curate.

The major issue is that occasionally there is a degree of disconnect.  Therefore marketers should focus on the basics. By focusing on those two questions and breaking down a content strategy, brands can create videos worth viewing, and reach a multitude of mobile device users.

Phil Randazzo

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