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Building Loyal Customers with the Omni-Channel Method

The Omni-Channel Method

With technology continuously evolving it is important in the marketing world to also evolve. Marketers should always place a focus on creating their most loyal customers. In the article Omni-Channel Shoppers: An Emerging Retail Reality by Julie Krueger, she discusses these concepts in regards to omni-channel shoppers. These shoppers are regarded as the most important shoppers in retail, primarily because they have a 30% higher lifetime value. Julie narrows the method of focusing on this shopper down to three ways. She states that, “retailers can reach this shopper by measuring behavior, providing localized information, and creating the right organizational structure.” These three ways will help escalate sales across any organization.

Measuring Behavior

The first area of focus Julie has the reader focus on is by measuring behavior. This is all about determining how your customers shop. Here you want to find the customers that use your online and offline platforms. Your company will want to examine the basic marketing questions closely such as: gender, demographic, location, and other online analytics. The article discusses how your organization will want to track the customer’s journey, and then you can bring more value to each step they take in the process.

Provide Localized Information

The next area of focus highlighted to reach omni-shoppers is by providing them localized information. This is where you want to manage the process of making the shopping experiences seamless for your customers. You will want to make it easy for you customers to see your brand. This is done by tailoring your online ads and ensuring they connect to an offline location. An example of this is the use of Local Inventory Ads, which connect specific products a customers is looking for to a specific location in which they can go to an make a purchase.

Create the Right Structure

The final of the three focus areas Julie states is critical is the concept of creating the right organizational structure. This area is all about incorporating your teams into the process. Once you have reached the customer on a specific platform, you want to ensure that your team can seamlessly guide them to the next platform. For example if you have a team that manages online activities, you will want to incentivize them and make them aware of their offline influence. This includes examples such as increasing traffic to retail locations.

Construct a Better Experience

Create a focused team in which together you can support the aim of drawing in the most devoted and important omni-channel shoppers. These methods have been tested by multiple companies, therefore organizations will want to draw on mobile technology and physical locations in order to provide the optimal shopping journey for its consumers. By highlighting on their wishes and requests, you’ll create a flawless shopping experience that will improve sales across your business.

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