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Veteran Hiring Programs – 2021 Edition

You’ve been in the service for years and are ready to explore a new career after life in the military. 

The process of planning your next career move has you feeling overwhelmed and lost. 

You aren’t sure where to begin. 

Don’t worry. 

American Dream U is here to help support you every step of the way. 

In this guide, we will help you discover what kind of job you want and which companies are specifically looking to hire military veterans.

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Life After The Military - Do Companies Hire Vets?

Searching for a new career outside of the military can seem like an overwhelming task.

You may find yourself asking, “Do companies even want to hire military veterans?” 

The answer is, absolutely. 

In fact, some companies even prefer hiring military veterans because of the tremendous value your previous work ethic and skill sets bring to the table. 

At American Dream U, we make it our mission to help you find these companies and make finding a job easier for you. 

But before we can help you find your dream job, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself first.

What Kind Of Job Do You Want?

It is important to know what kind of job you want. 

You may already know what type of job you want, or have a job that you have always wanted to pursue hiding out in the back of your mind. 

This is the starting point of your journey to a new career. 

Don’t be afraid to aim high and go for the type of job that you want. 

Oftentimes, veterans have this misconception that they can’t have their dream job because they don’t have a college degree. 

We’ll let you in on a secret: You don’t need a college degree to land your dream job. 

What you do need is the know-how to position yourself as an excellent candidate to potential employers. Academy Dream U provides that with our veteran job assistance.

What Kind Of Company Do You Want To Work For?

Now that you have an idea of what type of job you want, pull out a piece of paper, and write down 10 dream companies that you would love to work for. 

Don’t worry about qualifications at this point. 

Once you figure out what your dream companies are, begin searching their websites to see if there are any job openings. 

Don’t be quick to rule out a company that isn’t officially hiring, a company can always have room for someone that offers value to their business.

Before applying, you’ll want to make sure you have a killer resume that fully highlights your skills and demonstrates why you are the best candidate for the job. 

If you are feeling shaky about writing your first resume in years, our step-by-step military resume builder will help you create the perfect resume.

Do You Want To Be Your Own Boss?

Maybe your dream job is waiting for you to create it and you are interested in starting your own business. 

The skill sets and ambition that you have honed while serving in the military makes you a perfect candidate for entrepreneurship. 

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans. 

So make no mistake, you have the skills and drive to make it as an entrepreneur. 

At American Dream U, we offer free courses, mentorships, and additional resources to help you execute your dream of becoming your own boss.

Veterans Looking For Jobs - Companies With Veteran Hiring Programs

Some companies see the value in hiring veterans so much, that they have corporate veteran hiring programs in place specifically to give preference to military veterans. 

These hiring programs not only offer jobs to veterans like you but also typically offer mentoring programs to help you advance in your career. 

Let’s take a look at some of the types of companies that hire veterans.

Types Of Companies That Hire Veterans

It’s no secret to employers that hiring military veterans can be a huge asset to their company. 

That is why some companies give hiring preference to military veterans through corporate veteran hiring programs. 

Some companies with corporate veteran hiring programs include: 

What These Companies Are Looking For When They Hire Military Veterans

We have discussed a lot about how companies view military veterans as potential assets to their companies. 

If you haven’t recognized your potential yet, we are going to tell you why your military experience makes you a great potential employee. 

Throughout your time in the service, the military has ingrained in you extremely valuable qualities: 

  • Leadership. You know how to operate as a leader and work in a team setting to get the job done. Leadership is a highly sought out skill by employers.
  • Reliability. You have been trained in the importance of punctuality and employers know that they can rely on you because of it. 
  • Dedication. You are no stranger to service before self and excellence in all that you do. Your dedication makes you stand out from the crowd. 

These qualities, along with many more, make your employment highly sought after. These are skills that you have honed for years, and employers are hungry for them.

Additional Resources For Veterans Looking For Jobs

Are you looking for additional resources? 

At American Dream U, we offer many free resources to help you succeed in your mission of launching a new career outside of the service. 

Some of our resources include: 

  • The Dream Job Resource Kit, which is free and chock-full of resources from finding your dream job to landing your first interview. There is also a registration for a free 6-week dream job course inside.
  • A free, step-by-step entrepreneurship course, aimed at helping you start your dream business.
  • A free copy of the Play it Away ebook by Charlie Hoehn, which is known as the workaholic’s cure for anxiety. 
  • A free American Dream U Mentor, to help you achieve your goals step by step.

And so, so much more. Whatever we can do to help your transition out of the military service and into a new career field as smooth as possible, we will do it.

Finding Ex-Military Hiring Programs On Your Own Can Be Daunting — American Dream U Can Help

At American Dream U, we are dedicated to equipping you with every resource you will ever need to transition from the military into a brand new career.

We are here for you every step of the way. 

Let us help you execute your vision and help you land the dream job that you have always wanted.


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