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Join Us On September 27th For a Free LinkedIn Webinar!

American Dream U Military Veteran Program

We here at ADU are thrilled to invite you to our upcoming free LinkedIn Master Class on September 27th with renowned profit strategist and author of Expand Your Impact With LinkedIn Mande White Pearl!

Through this dynamic live webinar, Mande shares her LinkedIn expertise, guiding you through the fundamental ins and outs of leveraging the power of LinkedIn to create your own 21st century wolf pack. This tremendous class will also maintain a strong focus on veterans, demonstrating how to convert your military experience into an unbeatable career profile, connect with the millions of veterans on LinkedIn, and network your way to success.

Read Mande’s introduction to the webinar below, and click here to learn more about this extraordinary resource and to register today!

Also, if you are looking for even more remarkable LinkedIn training, be sure to sign up to become an ADU MVP to gain access to our Professional Social Media Networking with Linkedin Course in addition to numerous other instructional courses, exclusive videos, a phenomenal veteran community and more!

While there are A LOT of issues you are dealing with as you make your transition from military life to civilian life, there is ONE SINGLE PLACE where you can get the help you need – no matter what you’re looking for.


With over 450 million profiles including 2 million veterans, just like you, LinkedIn can be your ‘go-to resource’ for finding the people who will help you get what you want.

Speaking of that…Have you ever heard the quote?

“It’s not WHAT you know, It’s WHO you know, and WHO KNOWS YOU!”

So how many people know about you and what you’re up to?  And what can we do about getting more people to know about you and what an awesome contribution you are to this world?

I wonder what would it take to make this journey of having more people who know, like and trust you be fun and easy?

Come join, Mande, Tuesday, September 27 @ 8 p.m. for a Free Master Class and you’ll discover how to:

  • Master the Art of Networking on LinkedIn to get a job (or start your own business) in as little as 15 minutes per day
  • Almost instantly feel like a LinkedIn Rockstar – even if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile or a strong LinkedIn presence
  • Convert your military experience into a content (your Profile Summary & Experience listings as well as your status updates) that will have employers (and clients) lining up to hire you.
  • Quickly recognize and avoid time-wasting activities
  • Tap into my personal Veteran Friendly Wolf Pack that you can leverage into an almost endless supply of leads for people who will support you in taking the next step. (Mentors, Referral Partners, Support, etc)

This 90-minute Master Class is for any Veteran who knows they need to be more active on LinkedIn and wants to be guided step-by-step through how to leverage it’s tremendous power.

Technology cooperating, this Master Class will be recorded but there will be some special opportunities and bonuses for private coaching/mentoring with Mande for those that attend LIVE.

If you can’t make the class live, go ahead and register to join us and you’ll be sent the replay to the event.

I look forward to seeing you, Tuesday, September 27 at 8:00 p.m. ET

– Mande White-Pearl

Phil Randazzo


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Please answer these quick questions for us. We rely on good data for funding and this helps us a lot.
Please answer these quick questions for us. We rely on good data for funding and this helps us a lot.
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