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Finding A Purpose: Military Veterans Business Education

Ft Bragg Speakers & Soldiers

Ft Bragg Speakers & SoldiersYou ever wonder if the world is going to crap and why no one cares? My social media news feed is overpopulated with how much money incites greed and corruption, celebrity gossip and companies selling things I don’t need. However, if you go out of your way to actually explore the world you will discover that the good is just hidden.

If I would have stayed in my comfort zone I would have never been able to cross paths with a man whose vision is so large it can change a nation. If you haven’t guessed it so far I am referring to Phil Randazzo. So throughout this blog when I refer to the mission of American Dream U I am referring to the vision of Phil and his team. Military Veterans Business Education

My venture with the veterans business education at American Dream U has been an enlightening journey. I am not just a part of the ADU team, but I am also a veteran who has served for 8 years. I am a student and a guide. I’m sure I will delve into my story as the blogs continue on, but know that I can directly related with the people we are helping. As a matter of fact, thanks to an American Dream U education course and the help of Simon Sinek, I found out how to articulate my purpose.

Everyone becomes inspired after attending an ADU event. I attended the Las Vegas Nellis event as my first experience with American Dream U. At that time, I did not realize it would change the course of my entire life. One of the first gifts I received from the event was unlimited and free access to Simon Sinek’s “Why Discovery Course.” The course seemed overwhelming at first, but I completed it. I will explain my experience with the course at another time. The second gift I received was Phil’s purpose. I was not mimicking his vision directly; it was more like him sharing the fire of a candle to light another wick. When you see that fire grow; suddenly there are no longer obstacles to block the way.

The moral of the story is to find a purpose to latch on to. American Dream U mirrors my purpose. A company that helps military, veterans and their spouses reach their goals. It inspires and creates leaders, with a focus on the transitioning process. As time elapses I will share more on the growth and success of American Dream U.

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