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2017 Year in Review




From Phil Randazzo, ADU Founder


Here at American Dream U, we have made 2017 a year of tremendous success and progress in our mission to honor and give back to those who have served; to provide the tools and resources to ensure that our veterans have as rewarding and fulfilling of a transition to civilian life as possible. This progress is evident in the numerous efforts our organization undertook in the past year to pave the way in Veteran transition guidance and mentorship, including:

• the development and launch of our entirely free Military Veteran Program – a dynamic transition readiness and success program for veterans featuring hundreds of exclusive videos from business leaders, free e-books for veteran success, and over a dozen expert-curated courses for career and personal development

• the creation of veteran accountability and mentorship networks through social media platforms, including 7 American Dream U hub communities and the Military Veteran Program network – one of the largest available networks of transitioning servicemen and women

• the presentation of 35 Vetracon Veteran Transition Conferences and various speaker events in which we bring together world-class trailblazers, business leaders, and innovators to provide soon-to-transition veterans and their spouses with indispensable knowledge for creating a business or pursuing their dream job

• the implementation of a weekly newsletter to bring our community members the latest career and business opportunities, hiring tactics, free resources, and other tools to ensure their success in the civilian world


We are immensely proud of these strides our organization has made in the past year to honor those who have served, and without the talented, growing team here at ADU, we would not be able to effect the positive change we do each and every day. In 2017, our team has gained support, outreach, and headquarters staff, in addition to new advisors including Iraqi Combat Veteran, Founder of Order of Man, Ryan Michler. Despite the growth of our capable and passionate team, despite the wide range of resources we are able to offer to veterans, despite the 10,000 + members in our ADU community, and despite the fact that we are one of the fastest growing veteran service organizations in the world, our team here at ADU nevertheless remains a small operation. With only a handful of full-time employees and limited funding, we are eager to partner with different organizations to gain the financial and institutional support which would prove invaluable in supporting our organization and mission – to safeguard and continue the invaluable progress we have made and the impact we have had on the lives of veterans. 2017 has been an outstanding year here at American Dream U. However, it is truly just the beginning. We are beyond eager to increase our efforts in the coming year – to continue to go above and beyond in the service of our nation’s heroes.

Phil Randazzo


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