Online Jobs for Military Spouses

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Online Jobs for Military Spouses

Having a career that is remote and flexible to PCS and transition into the civilian world is ideal for military spouses. We have poured through resources to bring you our top picks:


Finding Your Passion & Skill Set:

Mission Next (Free)

Behavioral Resource Group

Kolbe A Index 

16 Personalities (Free)

Highlands Ability Battery 



Remote Work Ideas:

Virtual Assistant

Online Business Manager

Project Manager

Social Media Manager

Crafter (Etsy or Amazon)

Web or Graphic Designer


Customer Service Representative

Web Developer


Case Manager

Data Anaylist

Business Development Manager

Resource Link to Career Exploration


Remote Work Companies:






Training and Certification Resources:

MilSpouse ADU (Free)

The Paradigm Switch (Free)

Institute for Veterans and Military Families (Free) 

Google Training Courses (Free)

Hubspot Academy

The Virtual Savvy 

Udemy Online Courses

Udacity Nanodegrees

Online Business Manager Certification



Networking, Job Boards and Employment Resources:

MilSpouse Remote Work Collective


Instant Teams

Hiring Our Heros

Wise Advise + Assist

Military One Source/Spouse Education & Career Opportunities




Stay up to date with MilSpouse ADU’s resources:


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