Bakey’s Story

The Army taught me many things. Unfortunately, little translated directly into a lucrative civilian career. I had no idea what I was going to do when I got out and found a four-year apprenticeship in the elevator trade. Although I’m proud of my blue-collar roots and earned my journeyman’s license, I needed to focus on figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life…
I studied performance marketing at night, wrote a book, and became an in-demand direct response copywriter. I fell in love with salesmanship in print, contracted with some of the biggest direct-marketing companies in the world, and now I’ve taken up a new mission on the front lines of capitalism as a VETrepreneur.
It’s all been a wild ride, and happened faster than I ever thought possible!
Phil and his team at ADU have been incredible advocates. I wish the support and curriculum he’s put together were available when I first got out. The classes and community are top notch, and having access to these FREE resources would have shaved years off my struggle to figure out how to start a profitable business.
You don’t need to make the journey alone, and the tools inside ADU’s platform can help you get exactly where you want to be. I wholeheartedly encourage all veterans to have a look at what ADU has to offer. Especially if you’re thinking about transitioning out of the military soon or if you’re working a job you don’t enjoy.
Stay hungry, humble, and have a humorous sense of proportion in the relentless pursuit of excellence every day.
Eric Bakey
Chief Combat Imagineer
U.S. Army – 8 years