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What Service Members are Saying

ADU accelerates everything. It opens doors and opportunities you cannot get anywhere else. It helps you crush the obstacles in your way to getting where you want to go.
Trevor Shirk
US Army Captain
This program has given me the confidence and desire to start a new amazing chapter in my life. My future will be so much greater than my past. I now have the skills required to chase both my purpose and passion, I will not have to settle for a position, instead I will pursue the job that is the right fit for me. They assisted me in creating a robust network, finding a mentor, and provided me the tools to reach my desired end state.
Jesse Yandell
US Army Retired
I can't say enough about American Dream U's 21-Day Sprint Course! Phil Randazzo and the Team at American Dream U are rock stars! Every month they bring together transitioning veterans and top performers from various professional fields to facilitate discussion on topics such as wellness, relationships, finances, and career transition into the private sector. In addition, the American Dream U Team offers one-on-one coaching and assistance to help veterans and their families experience a smooth transition into the next phase of their journey.
Nate Gray

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