Our Story

About Us & Our Mission

American Dream U is a non-profit dedicated to helping our military get the education and access to resources they need to find their dream job or to start a business of their own. 


Since beginning American Dream U has always focused on completing the very important mission of career, business & professional development of our brothers in arms. Overall we are a team dedicated to bridging the gap between military and civilian. We provide tools to active military, veterans and their spouses. The arsenal of tools we provide is always growing and it includes: national events, professional leadership and mentorship speeches, monthly meetups, an online educational program, a transition book that highlights veteran success stories, and a start-up accelerator program. If you want to check out some of these resources Click Here.

Reach More Sooner!

We’ve outlined our goals and mission for American Dream U : 


Almost 20,000 are transitioning out of the military every month, we need to get boots on the ground at each base. We’ll be recruiting “Team Ambassadors or Warriors” at each base to volunteer to deliver our content, many active duty military members and civilian supporters have already raised their hands. They will be holding monthly meetups on base and quarterly “mini” live events, have our content accessible online with workbooks, develop mastermind groups/accountability buddies, direct soldiers/spouses to mentor opportunities, and take ownership in the ADU local programs.

Mission Next book is available with over 85 recorded interviews from successful veteran entrepreneurs/business leaders.

Contact Details

9505 Hillwood Dr., STE 100, Las Vegas, NV 89134