LinkedIn Experience Examples

Josh Ochs’ job at Disney:

Disney is the largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world with revenues of $36.1 billion

Disney/Buena Vista Home Entertainment was a wonderful experience for me. I worked closely with seven departments and managed all areas of DVD projects from start to finish. My boss would set the stage for production, and I would assist in all meetings to track creative, operations, financials, promotions and media. I negotiated from outside vendors and had a blast winning over people in other divisions. Disney was a wonderful place to start my career and I often refer back to this job in my public speaking.

Here’s an excerpt from my boss at Disney:

“Josh is eager, persistent, positive and, well, people just like him. Even now, when Josh drops by for a visit employees of every level pop out of their offices to say hello. Josh’s people skills are awe inspiring. And best of all, like Superman he uses his power for good, not evil. He has renegotiated deadlines, coaxed extra effort out of vendors, wheedled talent into extraordinary PR – and always, the people who work with Josh feel lucky, happy and relaxed. That’s the magical part. Josh’s attitude is relentlessly sunny. Throw him a moody executive, harsh feedback, an insurmountable “No” and Josh rebounds effortlessly. His refusal to respond personally to professional setbacks helps to keep the entire team focused on the business objectives during tense and potentially contentious negotiations.”

– Lisa Clements, Director of Marketing at Walt Disney Studios