People normally start with job boards and hope to find a job they’ll like.

Instead, find 5 companies you’d ABSOLUTELY LOVE to work for. Then you can look to see if they are hiring. Even if they’re not “officially hiring,” every company is always hiring if it’s the right person that can add value to their organization.

You don’t have any companies in mind that you would LOVE to work for? That’s okay. Think about some things that you do love. Do you like to build things from the ground up? Maybe you’d want to look into startups. Is it remodeling houses? Is it doing stuff with social media? Is it coding? From there, you can start researching on Google/LinkedIn these keywords and find companies that come up. Go to their website and see their mission and some projects they’re working on to see if it could be a fit.

If you know what area of the country you want to work for you can also type that in your search keywords. Don’t let that hold you back though, a lot of companies offer remote positions.

Once you find a company that you do like, you should also look at their Partners. Most likely they’d have partners that you’d also consider working for, since their missions and impacts will be related.

Post your top 5 companies to the #youranswers group, with one sentence for each as to why you want to work there. Maybe it’s that these companies pay well. Maybe it’s that you’ll be able to write all day and that’s what you love to do. Post it now.