Lesson 5: RESUME

You need a good resume for your dream job, and since you’ve already developed your story and told that story through LinkedIn, now you need to put it in resume format.

Watch this YouTube Video:


You can spend 5, or even 10, hours on your resume, and after watching this video you’ll get lots of ideas on how to improve your resume – but we don’t want to overwhelm you. So what we want you to do is simply watch the video (above) with a pen and paper and jot down some ideas. Maybe you like the format of his resume. Pause the video and change the format of your resume.

After watching the video set a timer for 20 minutes and start chipping away based on your notes. We say this because we don’t want to give you the task of “redo your whole resume right now” – that’s way too overwhelming – so just start taking little chunks based on your notes.  

When you’re done making some edits, submit your resume to Resume4Vets (4 minutes), an organization run by veterans who are in HR as hiring managers in the civilian world, who will edit your resume for free and get it back to you within 48 business hours! And they’ll edit it as many times as you want. It’s an incredible service.

In your team group, please inform your colleagues when you’re finished with the task and encourage them and ask for support when needed.