Lesson 3: LINKEDIN (45 minutes)

After developing your story, you need to go through your LinkedIn (and sign up if you haven’t using LinkedIn premium – free for veterans) and start creating your story ONLINE.

1.) Watch this 1 minute and 49 second video on how to set up a proper LinkedIn picture and write a killer summary.

Here are a bunch of great links that will take you to great summary examples. Take a look at them and model your summary after them, as these are proven…


Remember back to Scott Mann and storytelling as you start to build out your summary.

  • Set your timer for 20 minutes. Put your phone on airplane mode or silent. And then use those examples to write your summary.

2.) Now watch this 1 minute and 33 second video on how to properly set up your employment history on LinkedIn. “Remember, this is about storytelling and connecting with people. Explain to them what you did in ways that everyone will understand.

Look at this example when writing yours and follow it (it doesn’t have to be followed exactly – just use this as inspiration)


  • Set your timer for 20 minutes and use the model that Josh talked about to build out ONE job description from a prior job.

3.) After this, post the link to your LinkedIn page to the slack channel. It might be a good idea to connect with everyone on LinkedIn from this class now that you have the link to their page. They may come in handy.