Lesson 2: TELL YOUR STORY (33 minutes)

As the video says, story is SO incredibly important in anything you want to do. You want to get a job? Your story is valuable to get hired. You want to start a business? Your story is needed to connect with potential customers. You want to go back to school? Your story is critical to connecting with admissions to get accepted.

Watch this 7 minute and 52 second video of Former Green Beret Scott Mann, who transitioned out a couple of years ago and is now an author and worldwide speaker, explaining the importance of storytelling.


Start to write your story using the Hero’s Journey or Decisive Moment Model: 

  1. Set a timer for 20 minutes and write/type. Don’t worry about erasing anything or making it perfect. Add extra details that you aren’t sure are needed. THOSE ADD EMOTION AND CONNECTION.

2.  After the 20 minutes, copy and paste that in the #youranswers slack group.

3. Comment on 2 other people’s stories. Share with them the powerful parts that show WHO these people are (their character, etc) and then maybe ask one or two follow up questions, such as “well why did you do that particular thing?” or “what did you learn from this story?”