Lesson 1: FIND YOUR WHY (25 minutes)


In order to find your “dream job,” you must know your WHY and where you feel like you can find purpose and add value.


Step 1: Open up a Microsoft Word document.


  • Make a list of 3 things you’re GREAT at – It may be cooking, or you’re a great listener. You may be great at building things, critically thinking, leading teams, or maybe you’re great at staying calm in stressful situations… Or writing. Or simply you’re a good conversationalist. (Don’t overthink this – shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes)


  • Write down what are you passionate about? Don’t overthink it. It could be art, helping the environment, solving problems, cars, drones, getting outdoors, hunting, working out, etc. (Don’t overthink this – shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes)


  • Write down the answer to “where do you add the greatest value?” Is it with connecting with people through conversation? Managing projects? Building visions for organizations and people? Leading teams? List at least 2. (5 minutes)



  • What are your top three personal values? (5 minutes) Is it integrity? Timeliness? Grit? This will be important. If an organization that you’re considering working for goes against your personal values, that’s probably a good indication you shouldn’t work there. Spending 8 hours a day working for someone that goes against your values when they con people into buying their products will make your life very difficult/stressful.






Copy and paste your Microsoft Word document into the #youranswers channel.


Comment on one other person’s word doc by typing the @ symbol and then their name and then sharing your ideas (3 minutes)