Free Resource Kit: How to transition from the military to your Dream Job

Are you experiencing the anxiety and uncertainty of finding a job?  Worried about finding a job that will underutilize your talents and abilities? Or not finding a job at all?


  • How to Network for results.  “You are the average sum of the top 5 people you hang out with.”  Use these resources to become a power networker.  Learn how to network with the right people and “Turbo-Charge” your job search.
  • How to Create a Better Online Presence.  Your online presence is just as important as your professional resume.  Our tips will help you develop an optimal online presence for leveraging the internet to help you get that dream job!
  • How to build an effective resume.  You want to develop a resume that grabs attention, sells your value, and gets you an interview.  Use our tips to turn your resume into an interview attracting machine!
  • How to Interview for Success.  This interview advice is normally reserved for those with high connections.  We bring them to you so you can have the highest chance of success in your interview.  Follow these tips to be counted in the top ten percent of the job pool (hint: a very small percentage of job seekers use these tactics).
  • What to do after the first interview.  Learn proven techniques on how to follow-up and follow-through after the first interview. 

Our resource list will give you the edge in finding your dream job.  
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Thank you for your service! We want to reach the broadest audience of active duty, spouses, and veterans so please feel free to share this resource with your Brothers and Sisters in Arms! 

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